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Deer resistant garden making bundle with fresh flowers from Horseshoe and Sprout Nursery. This bundle includes: 


(Option 1)

6/pk   Marigolds

2          English Lavender

1          Chives

2          Foxglove

1          Lamb's Ear

6/pk  Yarrow

1          Catmint  

6/pk   Zinnias

1          Bee Balm


(Option 2)

2         Lavender

1         Butterfly Bush

1        Heliotrope

6/pk Coneflower

1        Rosemary

2        Verbena

1        Agastache

1        Astilbe

6/pk Yarrow



Deer Resistant Garden

  • This deer repellent garden bundle includes: 

    You may opt in to receive weekly Marco Polo videos via Stephanie Garner on behalf of your little garden's growth until it's ready to take home!

  • This product is available for local pickup or delivery only. 

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