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Choose from any plant listed below. Each selection is $5.


2         Watermelon                                               1         Tomato (cherry or large)

2         Cantaloupe                                                6/pk  Spinach

2         Cauliflouer                                                 6/pk   Lettuce

2         Pumpkin (variety)                                    2          Cucumber (pickling or slicing)

6/pk Strawberries                                               

2         Broccoli

2         Cabbage

1         Dahlia (variety)

1         Hosta

1         Lupine

3/pk Shasta Daisy

1         Agastache

1         Bee Balm

3/pk Cosmos

6/pk Petunias

2        Hollyhock

3/pk Forget-Me-Nots

6/pk Zinnias

6/pk Pansies

3/pk Geraniums

2        Candy Tuft




Build Your Own Garden

  • This build-your-own garden bundle includes: 

    You may opt in to receive weekly Marco Polo videos via Stephanie Garner on behalf of your little garden's growth until it's ready to take home!

  • This product is available for local pickup or delivery only. 

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